This site is to share the many great stories from the world of Dragon Crest.   A little bit about this site:

The Authors:
Are both professional published authors and fan writers who are not yet professionally published.  All authors on the site go through an application process and bring their own unique voice to the stories of Dragon Crest.

Professional:  Stories written by professional published authors
Fan: Stories written by fans of Dragon Crest that are not yet professionally published authors

Types of Stories:
The stories come from a variety of sources.  Some are made up fictional stories but many of the stories related here actually happened in some form at one of the live Dragon Crest events.

Live: This story relates something that happened during one of the Dragon Crest live events.
Fictional: This story relates something that did not happen at one of the live Dragon Crest events.

The  stories cover a wide range of time frames within the Dragon Crest world.

Historical: This story takes place in the distant past of Dragon Crest beyond 10 years.
Live: This story takes places during the recent 10 years of Dragon Crest time.